SHANY Essential Pro Makeup Train Case

The SHANY essential professional makeup train case is made from high quality products but won't break your bank. This aluminum exterior case is designed to efficiently handle make up storage, shield your merchandise, and last for quite a very long time.

When the Essential Pro Makeup Train Case opens, it reveals that a total of four expanded storage trays (2 on both sides ) made of plastic. These trays measure 12.75in X3.75in 1.5in and comes with eight plastic to efficiently organize and manage your own makeup products and brushes. The base section of the case can hold your larger items such as hair styling tools and your SHANY Brush Cleanser. It measures 12.5in. X 9in. X 6in. And its interior is lined with a protective foam using three dividers of different dimensions. X 9in X 10.5in.This case is milder than it seems!

Aside from the aluminum our Crucial Pro Makeup Train Cases are made out of superior quality ABS plastic. It also comes with a shoulder strap and double locks with keys to ensure easy transport and safety of your merchandise. The Essential Pro Makeup Train Case comes in many different different matte colors and prints to best match your character. Additionally, it will come with a one year guarantee.

The SHANY Makeup Case Warranty goes to all SHANY instances. If your situation arrives damaged during the shipping process or in the event the item is faulty, we will gladly replace it. Please allow 1- 2 weeks for the replacement to arrive. SHANY is a part of PETA and all our products are cruelty-free.

  • Very big 
  • Flexible compartments
  • Vinyl (easy to clean)
  • Has a shoulder strap
  • Deep (great for big items)
  • Sleek Appearance 

  • Heavy
  • Lock is Difficult to use (gets trapped )
  • Doesn't fit all Kinds of makeup palettes (ASBH Glow Kit especially )

This is a 5 star buy and I would strongly suggest this item. Since obtaining this She's become the envy of most her buddies. A few images were included by me; she is currently working on transferring all her items into it. . .you get the idea, it is prefect. Thank you!


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